Dangerous/Long-Term Offender

Dangerous and long-term offender hearings are conducted after an individual is found guilty of an offence (or offences) to determine whether these specific designations, above and beyond the regular sentence, are appropriate. They are complicated hearings and the consequences of a finding that an individual is a dangerous or long-term offender are extremely serious. A dangerous offender finding results in imprisonment for an indeterminate period of time, likely for the rest of the individual’s life. A long-term offender designation will result in an additional term of intense supervision in the community for up to 10 years after the completion of the offender’s regular (often jail) sentence. It is extremely important to have capable and experienced counsel to assist you
for these hearings.

Our team has experience representing a variety of offenders facing dangerous or long- term offender applications. These applications involve psychiatric assessments and can result in lengthy hearings involving complicated medical-legal arguments. Our lawyers have worked with many psychiatrists across the province in relation to these applications and in other contexts and are experienced and knowledgeable about these hearings.


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